Spiritual Direction


Now that you’ve read the article on the home page (Spiritual Direction by Bill Shereos_ Leadership Journal), you may have come to the conclusion that seeing a spiritual director is an important next step in your spiritual growth. The obvious question is “where do I begin?” Finding the right spiritual director is a very personal and important choice. For that reason I encourage meeting together for three sessions and then mutually evaluating the fit. That gives the opportunity for the director and directee to experience the process and discern whether the Lord may lead in continuing the relationship. If you’d like to explore that relationship with me, the cost is $60 per session. Let me immediately add, I never want a lack of resources to prevent someone’s ability to be directed. If there is a financial issue we can discuss an alternative fee. If you’d like to explore this further you can reach out to me on the “contact me” page. Below are comments from a couple of people that I have walked with:

Years ago, over a meal, Bill Shereos explained to me what spiritual direction is. He told me of his own experience with his spiritual director. I vividly remember thinking that day how much I’d like to have someone like that. Time passed, and I decided the time had come to find someone. When I met with Bill to get some leads I realized he had already started “directing” me. We’ve met regularly for several years. Bill has a gift for helping me see how God is at work in my life and how I can be more in synch with him. He has a tender manner, great grace, and remarkable wisdom. I heartily recommend him to others.
– Rev. Lee Eclov, senior pastor Village Church of Lincolnshire

If you are sensing God might be nudging you towards a deeper spiritual journey, I’d suggest a guide is the best way to travel.  Like any journey it’s best traveled with a guide who has been where you are hoping to go.  Bill Shereos has been my guide- a faithful, wise, and caring one.  More than that he’s been a friend.  If you’re sensing spiritual direction might be God’s next step in your journey, I can’t recommend a better guide than Bill!
– Duane Sherman, Acquisitions Editor at Moody Publishing in Chicago, IL.

I have known Pastor Bill while he was serving at First Free especially because we were sharing their building for our Chin-Burmese congregation. When my school Trinity Evangelical Divinity School asked me to do internship as a requirement, pastor Bill was the first one in my mind. At first, I was afraid to have him as my mentor because we have come from such different cultural backgrounds. Throughout our two years of meeting together monthly, I have seen many moments of God using him to speak wisdom to me and to restore my soul in the midst of hardships in ministry. That was when I realized that our sovereign God can speak to us cross-culturally, mainly with pastor Bill having a humble spirit to listen to the Holy Spirit. Even after he moved to Wisconsin, we are continuing our friendship, and he now is my spiritual director. Regardless of where you come from, you can consider pastor Bill  for spiritual direction.
Van Lian Ceu, Pastor of Chicago Chin Baptist Church, IL.